Diagnostic systems

Ristocetin CoFactor Activity
Routine Aggregation Testing
Anti-Platelet Drug Assessment

Description Technical data

A Complete system

• 8 Test Channel Aggregometer
• Electronic Pipette
• Computer with Monitor
• Software
• Printer
• Walk-Away Operation
• User-defined Test Templates and Protocols
• Minimal Patient Sample (225μL) Required
• Touch Screen Operation
• On Screen Directions and Procedures

Product specifications

   Test wells    eight (stirred)
   Activation wells    eight (stirred)
   Incubation wells    eight (not stirred)
   Reagent wells    two (37° C with stirring - adapters provided to accomodate varous size vials)

   Temperature control    test and incubation blocks heated to 37° C +/- 0.5 °C

   Digital stir speed control    0 - 1200 rpm (present for standard tests - selectable for user defined tests)

   Test volume    250 uL o 500 uL
   Sample volume    225 uL o 450 uL
   Reagent volume    25  uL o 50 uL

   Sensitivity    50,000 platelet/mm3
   Light source    LED (Light Emitting Diodes)  
   Wavelength    UV 400 - 430 nm
   Trace filter    definibile dall’ operatore


• Touch Screen inteface
• All Windows-R features available
• Reagents an patients identification entry bar code scanner
• 3 or 4 point standard curves for Ristocetin CoFactor assay
• CoFactor assay
• Eight digital timers, countdown, elapsed time, audible alarm
• On screen keyboard
• Data export to Prism 5, spreadsheet, templatem presentation
   software and LIS (Laboratory Information System)
• Two level security and operator tracking
• Data analysis: User selectable point and functions, Primary
   and secondary Slope, Area under the curve, Area under
   the Slope, Lag phase, Shape change, Disaggregation
• Data sorting and Archiving
• Pre-loaded test parametrers
• User defined test protocols
• On screen help
• Online operator manual
• Diagnostics: Start-up, automatic and user selected


Programmable pipettor
• Electronic with memory
• 10 to 300 uL capacity
• Multi-dispensing function
• Preprogrammed volumes

GraphPad-R Software Prism 5
• Bio-analytical software
• Templates for clinical, research, pharmaceutical, biotechnology
   laboratories and contract research organizations.

Bar Code Scanner (optional)
• Bi-directional
• Supports 123 Scan setup utility
• RSS (Reduced Space Symbology)
• R GTIN-Compliant
• Decode capability (16 Standard codes)

PC specifications

• Dell Optiplex-TM
• Processor Pentium-R 3.2 GHz
• RAM 512 MB
• Hard disk 40 GB
• DVD/CD Read/Write 24X drive
• USB 2.0 (2) and RS232 (1) ports
• Network Ethernet
• Monitor ELO 1525L, Touch Screen, 15 inch, Flat LCD panel,
  Active Matrix, Angolo 170°, 5-wire resistive
• Stendard keyboard, Touch Screen keyboard, Mouse
• Multifunction printer, color, inkjet
• Windows-R XP Professional Multi-Language Pack


• Typical configuration made of PAP-8E , PC e Monitor
• Height: 57,2 cm
• Width: 35,6 cm
• Length: 55,1 cm
• Weight: 21,0 Kg

Limited warranty

Two years parts and labor at the authorized distributor

Safety certifications

The PAP-8E analyser module meets:
European Union directive 98/79/EC invitro diagnostic medical devices,
European Union electromagnetic compatibility directive 89/336/EEC, European Union low voltage directive 73/23/EEC,
European standards: EN 61010-1:2001, Safety requirements for measurament control and laboratory use EN61010-2101:2002, Particular requirements for invitro diagnostic (IVD) medical equipment, EMC standards - EN 61326, EN 61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3.
The PAP-8E analyser is designed to agree with the following standards: UL 61010-1 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use - Part1: general requirements.
All accessory components have individual UL and CE certification.


The specifications for the PAP-8E and accessories are subject to change without notice .

OptiPlex-TM ia a trademark of Dell Corporation
Pentium-R is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation
Platelet Aggregation Profiler -R is a registered trademark of Bio/Data Corporation
Prism-R is a registered trademark of GraphPad, Inc.
Reduced Space Symbology-R (RSS) is a registered trademark of Symbol Technologies, Inc.
Windows-R is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation