Sentinel Diagnostics is an Italian company founded in Milan in 1983 and for over 30 years our “mission” has always been to develop innovative in-vitro diagnostics that give ever increasingly accurate laboratory results. So far it’s been an intense journey business wise and along the way we’ve been able to strike up fulfilling collaborations with the major players in the diagnostics field (Abbott Laboratories, Beckman Coulter, Siemens Healthcare, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Roche etc.) who have chosen Sentinel as their ideal partner for the development of dedicated diagnostic test kits (for both Clinical and Immuno Chemistry) to be used on the most complex automated analyzers.
We have accumulated numerous awards and acknowledgements that affirm our quality and
excellence and which have permitted the company to grow and to distribute its products worldwide.
This has been made possible thanks to our quality system which is certified by the internationally recognized BSI (British Standard Institution), and by our conformity with all pertinent International ISO standards and last but not least through the realization of a state of the art manufacturing site, which meets the not only stringent European standards but also those of several major regulatory bodies in the US (FDA), Canada, China, Brazil etc.
Today, at this same manufacturing site a highly specialized and qualified team is working together with the utmost enthusiasm to develop the molecular diagnostics of the future and to pave the way for many more years to come.