Sentinel Diagnostics was founded in Milan in 1983 and right from the outset it has continued to invest its energy, and use the experience gained, in the development and production of diagnostic kits for Clinical Chemistry, Immunology and Molecular Biology

Today the Sentinel® brand is well known and appreciated on a worldwide scale, thanks to the increasingly fruitful partnerships with prestigious companies (Abbott, Beckman-Coulter, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Roche, Siemens, etc.) in the diagnostics sector that have chosen Sentinel Diagnostics as the ideal partner for the realization of diagnostics kits dedicated for use on their automated analyzers.

Listed below are some of the most significant products developed by Sentinel

2015 ACE Liquid Enzymatic method for the determination of angiotensin converting enzyme activity (ACE) in serum or plasma
2014 UIBC Liquid Two liquid reagents for the measurement of UIBC (unsaturated iron-binding capacity) in serum
2013 STAT-NAT® Leishmania mix Kit in PCR Real-Time per una diagnosi accurata e semplice della Leishmaniosi
2013 STAT-NAT® RNA-Mix Universal and complete lyophilized one-step master mix for retrotranscription and nucleic acid amplification
2012   STAT-NAT® Malaria Typing Multiplex PCR test for Malaria typing
2012   STAT-NAT® Malaria Screening Multiplex PCR test for Malaria screening
2011   STAT-NAT® DNA-Mix Universal and complete lyophilized master mix for gene amplification
2011   FOB Gold™ NG New generation of the latex turbidimetric quantitative determination of human haemoglobin in feces
2011   STAT-NAT® Innovative stabilization technology for simple and standardized molecular diagnostics
2010   Syphilis TP Latex immunoturbidimetric method
2010   FOB Gold™ Tube NG New Generation fecal collection device to be used as a primary tube on automated analyzers
2009   Cistatina C Latex Immunoturbidimetric method
2008   Homocysteine Enzymatic Colorimetric Method -  bi-reagent
2008   CK-MB IFCC Optimized Immunological Kinetic Method
2007   CRP Vario High sensitive latex Turbidimetric method with wide measuring range
2006   Creatinine Enzymatic Enzymatic Colorimetric Method – sarcosine oxidase
2005   HbA1c One-step Latex Direct Method
2004   FOB Gold™ First  quantitative Immunological test for the determination of human hemoglobin in feces in complete automation using a patented collection system, which can be adapted for use on most automated analyzers
2004   Ammonia Direct Enzymatic Method
2003   ALT Microwell IFCC Optimized Enzymatic Colorimetric method on microplate)
2002   CRP Ultra High sensitive latex Turbidimetric method
2001   Lithium Direct Colorimetric Method with porphyrin complex
1998   Cholinesterase Optimized DGKC method - 1998 - 510(k) FDA: K981800
1996   Lipase Direct method - Substrate Methylresorufin - derivative - 1996 - 510(k) FDA: K961179
1995   Magnesium Enzymatic UV method
1992   Zinc Direct method - Chromogen 5Br-PAPS
1990   Copper Direct method - Chromogen DiBr-PAESA
1989   Inorganic Phosphorus Enzymatic Colorimetric Method
1988   Total & Direct Bilirubin Colorimetric Method - Bilirubin Oxidase
1984   Ferro Direct method - Chromogen FERENE S