Sentinel Diagnostics has a strong and complete organization in order to follow at best its own customers
and face in solid and innovative way the market needs.

Beyond the research & development, production, quality certification
Sentinel Diagnostics has developed the following areas:

Regulatory Affairs

The European Directive 98/79/CE affirms that:
"In-vitro diagnostics is the the result of one
of the most enthusiastic applications of science and technology, capable of extracting reliable  information on the health of a patient
from a sample of body fluid.
Good health is universally considered
to be of inestimable value as is any  information that can be used for diagnosis and treatment".

Sentinel was among the first of many diagnostic firms in the European Community to observe the CE IVD regulations. Sentinel, as well as guaranteeing adherence to the CE regulations, has been and continues to be committed to rendering its products compliant with the regulations of many non EU countries, through the process of continual growth and adaptation to the global market.

Information technology

Sentinel Diagnostics takes full advantage of all the most modern IT tools for the management of company data and external communication. Its technical staff constantly works to keep the company up-to-date and efficient through:

• The management of company IT systems
• The continuous technological improvement
   in IT structures
• The administration of the technical
   documentation   database
• The study and implementation
   of new IT projects

IT in Sentinel Diagnostics also means easy access to technical documentation for all personnel and for clients thanks to the program Sentinel Doc.


Sentinel Diagnostics ensures excellent product handling in its warehouse through:

• Storage in controlled conditions
• The automatic registration of storage    temperatures
• The use of proper packaging material
   to guarantee safe transport
• The use of freight forwarders specialized
   in temperature controlled shipments
• Temperature monitoring during transit


Sentinel Diagnostics has followed this market evolution by maintaining a level of excellence in its research and production structure, developing new diagnostic tests and continually improving its products.

Sentinel actively participates in congresses, workshops and scientific seminars at an international level and contributes in a concrete way to aid the diffusion of knowledge and the increase of technological innovation, by taking on board the recommendations of the scientific community for the optimization and standardization of analysis methods.


Sentinel Diagnostics uses the experience it has gained over the last thirty years to guarantee complete customer satisfaction through:

• Availability of products with long residual
  shelf life
• Monitoring order status
• Observance of contractual terms
  and conditions
• Constant supply conditions over time
• Worldwide presence through qualified
  distributors at an international level

Customer service

Sentinel Diagnostics guarantees continuous support for its clients through a team of product specialists who provide:

• Product Training
• Technical - application Support
• On-line Support
• Up-to-date technical documentation easily
   accessible through the website
   (Sentinel Doc)