Sentinel Diagnostics is an Italian company
with a long and well established background
in the development and production of diagnostic kits destined for use in medical analysis laboratories, hospitals, clinics and private healthcare structures.

Since 1983, Sentinel has privileged the values of quality through technology and innovation and in over thirty years of activity the company has managed to affirm market presence in over 50 countries.

Sentinel was among the first of many companies in the field to observe
the European Directive 98/79/CE on in-vitro medical-diagnostic devices and the observance of the directive is the basis
for all the development phases of its products in order to ensure that essential safety requirements are adhered to
and that any risk to the patient is reduced
to the minimum.

Specialized technicians

Sentinel boasts a team of specialized technicians and has laboratories equipped with the automatic analyzers of the major players in the market (Abbott Laboratories, Beckman-Coulter, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Roche, Instrumentation Laboratory, etc.) for the validation
of its products with the aim of realizing tested
and reliable reagent-analyzer systems.

Sentinel Diagnostics can satisfy all the main needs of modern laboratories both for routine analysis and for specific clinical needs through a wide range of products
from clinical chemistry to immunochemistry and coagulation, Molecular Biology, Colorectal Cancer Screening.

A complete range of products

Sentinel Diagnostics, to complete its range
of products, represents and distributes, throughout Italy, the products of prestigious international firms such as Alere, Hycor,
and Bio/Data Corporation. These products
are destined for use in both the clinical laboratory (Hematology and Coagulation,
Urine analysis) and for Point of Care Testing using systems such as the NycoCard®.